Rex Battle Tournament: Thursday the 20th

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Rex Battle Tournament: Thursday the 20th

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 18, 2016 4:13 am

Hi all, I'll be hosting a Rex tournament on the Player Dedicated Server 175ers this coming Thursday the 20th.

For each entry, I will supply one Rex to the player, spawned at level 30, and provide an Apprentice Rex Saddle. When everyone entering into the contest claims their Rex, they have 30 minutes to level up their Rex however they want to. After the 30 minute timer is up, they must return to the arena, and will be placed into brackets for a to the death T-Rex duel against another contestant.

Once the tourney starts you aren't allowed to continue leveling your Rex (excluding proximity XP)

The duels will be Rex and owner vs. Rex and owner, process of elimination. You win when your opponent and his/her Rex is killed. You can ride your Rex during the duel but you don't have to.

1st place gets to keep the Rex and is crowned Dino Duel Champ, and gets a trophy.
2nd place gets a shoulder mount of your choice spawned at level 50.
3rd place gets a mystery box

All losing players get a high level Raptor

pm me (Chr0nic Trigg3r) for any questions and we can tweak these rules and I'm taking suggestions!


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